Tuesday, June 1, 2010

YouTube - Elvis Presley That's All Right Mama

YouTube - Elvis Presley That's All Right Mama

Elvis' first Rock and Roll recording 1954.."That's All Right Mama".Depending on how you define "Rock and Roll" this may be the very first RR recording- cut at Sun Studios-Memphis 1954..My dad ( Paul Burlison "Rock n Roll Trio-a rockabilly pioneer, member Rockabilly Hall of Fame) said it sent a big wave over the Memphis music scene, especially within the local and regional artist, and  later within the national music community. Most likely the first rock song without a boogie swing piano, but mainly  recorded with the instruments used by a classic rock group- lead guitar-Scotty Moore, a bass guitar-Bill Black (stand up in 1954) and rhythm lead singer-Elvis Presley..For a complete discussion about the history and origin of rock and roll check out the articles and downloaded songs of key artist of the early days of rock and roll (go to 2010 entries for the complete list of audios) and decide for yourself about how rock an roll became such a dominant part of the world's music cultures.

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  1. Got to home page for History of Rock and Roll..Where did it originate. What is Rock and Roll. A discussion of the origin of "Rock and Roll",with key audio and article attachments to help explain the roots and origin of "Rock and Roll"
    Just go to Home and see articles and downloaded key audios of the early artist that created Rock and Roll..